Emmerre pays attention to the quality of the products that the company puts on the market. All quality tests are done on our products in order to guarantee the best quality to our customers.

In addition to the Quality Department actions on all the parts that reach our warehouses, the company has got a technical laboratory in charge of testing the homologated brake pads, All production batches are tested to check their strength, hardness compression and wear coefficients.

We are proud to be able to say that all our hubs assembled with original bearings are checked on a 100% basis.

Tesa Micro - Hite DCC 3D

Emmerre has a complete metrology laboratory for the qualitative verification of the products and for the investigation of any defects. The laboratory is equipped with cutting-edge measuring instruments and an automatic three-dimensional dimensional control machine.

Thanks to the powerful measurement software, this machine is able to detect measurements within the tolerances foreseen with error margins down to the micron.

Scanner 3D

Since 2016 the EMMERRE research and development laboratory has been equipped with advanced 3D laser scanning technology. The 3D laser scanner allows the reverse engineering starting from a sample adopting new technical solutions to improve the parts characteristics.

In addition 3D scanner technology allows to perform all the activities that guarantee the product quality: inspections, measurements, conformity, claim analysis and so on.

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