Braking parts

This range is the “strong point” of EMMERRE with 2500 references of products belonging to the following lines :  brake discs ( ECE R 90 homologation), brake drums, brake hubs, brake pads (ECE R 90 homologation), brake linings (ECE R 90 homologation), wear indicators, calipers and brake assembly.

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Steering parts

This range is one of the most important for our company. It includes ball joints, tie rods,  centre-and torque rods with their revision kits.

During our 40 years of experience, our range of steering parts  has evolved and has been enriched with many parts for as many manufacturers that  allows us to offer our customers a wide range of quality products. We have got repairing kits, ball joints and rods that are very requested on the industrial and commercial vehicles markets.

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We know that the control and the management of temperature on industrial vehicles is very important because each stop means money for the users. Emmerre pays attention to this topic and propose to its customers a large range of products such as water pumps, water tanks, radiators, air fans and tubes.  The EMMERRE Quality Control completes the warranty of the product.

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Cabin tipping over

This range has been well developed in recent years. This is one of the largest range among all our products proposal.
This range offers  pumps and cabin cylinders, cabin shock absorbers, tipping over kit and all their components. In our  catalogue 2019 you will find all the new shock absorbers, cylinders, supports and tubes.

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Our range called “various” includes all those parts that EMMERRE trades and are complementary to its range of products.
A large number is dedicated to motor parts, more than 500 pcs, such as transmission belts, tensioners, turbo chargers. A  range is dedicated to  exhaust,  clutch and  gear box systems. There are parts dedicated to transmission and differential systems too.

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100% Quality

Emmerre pays attention to the quality of the products that the company puts on the market. All quality tests are done on our products in order to guarantee the best quality to our customers. In addition to the Quality Department actions on all the parts that reach our warehouses, the company has got a technical laboratory in charge of testing the homologated brake pads, All production batches are tested to check their strength, hardness compression and wear coefficients. We are proud to be able to say that all our hubs assembled with original bearings are checked on a 100% basis.