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Emmerre has been  producing and distributing mechanical spare parts for more than 40 years. Its production is dedicated to commercial, industrial vehicles and trailers adaptable to the most important European manufacturers  such as: Daf, Iveco, Man, Mercedes, Nissan, Renault, Scania, Volvo, Bpw, Ror, Saf, etc……

The company is specialized in  spare parts for specific product lines: brake system, steering and suspension system, cooling system and tipping over cabin system.

Brake system is our “strong point” with our brand “TECHNOBRAKE” with a wide range of brake discs, brake pads, wear indicators, brake calipers, wheel hubs, wheel brakes, brake linings and repairing  kits. Since a few years the company has put on the market its wheel hubs assembled with original FAG and SKF bearings. A lot of products of this range have got the ECE R 90 homologation.

Our logistics, always in evolution, has at  disposal  up-to-date automatic warehouses that allow to offer the best  service to our customers. Last investment done : a robotic line to assemble bearings to our hubs with a quality control on a 100% basis.

Furthermore, our security parts are covered by a high ceiling civil liability insurance. One reason more to choose Emmerre.

Our story


In 1978, the great interest  of Virginio Marcato for  engines and mechanics lead to the creation of MARCATO RICAMBI company in Turin - via Oxilia.
The company was located in a  small warehouse and traded  spare parts for commercial and industrial vehicles without a specific specialisation.
The activity immediately increased and it was necessary to get more space. Therefore in 1979 the company moved  to via Ravina with  a warehouse of 600 square metres.
Then, In 1986 the company moved again in Strada Cebrosa, Settimo Torinese to get spacious premises (1,400 square meters) with a  better access to the motorway A4.
MARCATO RICAMBI progressively and constantly grow  until 2000, the year the company was named EMMERRE Srl.


In a market that continually demands great performances regarding product quality and services, Virginio Marcato aimed towards innovation. His two sons (Andrea and Alessandro) started to work in in the Company newly named EMMERRE.
During this period the foundations were laid  for future developments with important investments in:
- Automation
- Organisation
- Information technologies
EMMERRE moved to a new building in Via Verga, Settimo Torinese with the appropriate features to be able to contain  two new automatic warehouse systems.
But as technology has to be at  the company service, the Marcato family decided to  invest in company organisation and technology to assure prompt deliveries and competitive prices.

2001 – EMMERRE The Turning Point

2001 was the year of the turning point
Integrated information technology for the entire company was completed:
- All administration, technical, commercial activities and handling of incoming and outgoing materials were  managed, recorded and controlled by a software.
- All company processes were managed by a Management System that leaded the company to gain the EN ISO 9000 certification with TUV  Certification body .
During the same year  EMMERRE, thanks to important  investments and international partnerships, started to manufacture braking materials, becoming highly competitive. But, to become a leader, besides competitiveness it is also necessary to have technical know-how. Therefore EMMERRE invested in a research and development laboratory dedicated to braking material, to be able to continuously  improve and obtain  excellent quality standards. EMMERRE continued to grow on the domestic market and increased its export sales.

2009 – EMMERRE New Premises

Enthusiasm, hard work, and solid investments bring forth the results, but call for further efforts and set new important targets.
More space was required to be able to install a new and more powerful automatic warehouse, the laboratory for braking material required new testing machines, the metrology laboratory required a new machine for automated three-dimensional control of the products.
EMMERRE transferred to Via Raspini, Settimo Torinese (in front of the A4 motorway), the new premises were much more spacious (approx. 5,000 square metres) and permitted reorganisation of the areas for offices, laboratories, warehouses, storage and transit areas.
The new COMAU warehouse was installed, the metrology laboratory was fitted with new equipment and, thanks to years of development and the new braking material testing machines, the CERTIFICATE OF APPROVAL ECE R90 E3 was obtained on 90 brake pad models for commercial, industrial vehicles and trailers.


With its technology, skills and organisation, today EMMERRE is a market leader in the industrial vehicle spare parts sector and exports all over the world.
Today, EMMERRE continues to meet the market demand with increasing professionalism, prompt action and competitive prices, putting to the service of its Customers all that it has developed up to date.
But the passion of the Marcato family does not permit them to rest on their laurels but sets them new and ambitious targets for the future:
- To provide an e-commerce platform for their Customers to give dynamic access to an ever-increasing quantity of information: commercial, technical, logistic etc.....
- To strengthen organisation so as to guarantee smoother, rapid management and dispatching of orders, further reducing delivery times.
- To continue to invest in production, improving quality of the products and competitiveness, expanding production throughput and the range of products offered.

Furthermore EMMERRE has further expansion of its warehouses in progress, that, when concluded, will occupy an area of 9,000 square metres. Many investments have been done. Among them, the automatic packing machine and a robotic line to assemble and test on a 100% basis the assembled wheel hubs.
We have a lot of new projects…. Follow them on our web site


Our logistic

Emmerre has significantly invested in logistics, obtaining an advanced technology that enables it to offer an increasingly enhanced and prompt service to its customers.

Emmerre has 3 automatic warehouses (Swisslog, Comau and Demag) that are interfaced to the integrated company information technology system , reducing possibility of errors.

Automatic warehouse

The automatic warehouse are different according to their load capacity but are all very flexible to quickly answer to our customers’ requirements.

The acquisition of an adjacent warehouse increases the space at disposal and allows the storage of big quantities of bulky parts such as brake discs, brake drums and hubs.

Additional personnel has been hired to lead the company to a structural and organisational growth.


The EMMERRE organisation has been studied, developed and optimised to meet the domestic and international markets requirements.

Emmerre has been structured in Departments with special and specific aims but with a total view of the system.

The integrated information at all levels is the best tool to give “answers” in due time

The E-commerce platform increase the interface possibility between the company and its customers with a dynamic access to all kind of sales, technical and logistics information.